Co-Curricular Activities

Athletics Team 2016The college attaches great significance on Co-curricular activities in equipping and preparing the teacher trainees as professionally qualified teachers. Students are encouraged and given the opportunity to develop their own talents in full. This is in line with the Ministry of Education objective for teacher education in Kenya.

Ball Games

Moi TTC did very well in the Rift Valley zonal ball games competition which were held at Mosoriotat MosoriotTTC between 21st and 23rd March 2014.Our performance at the zonal competition level was position 3 out of 6. Three (3) teams, Volleyball (M)&Basket ball (M) and Hockey (M) qualified for the National ball games competition held at Shanzu TTC from 1st to 5th April 2014. Our volley ball (M) team finished 4th overall. Hockey men team finished 4th overall while Basketball (M) took position 3 overall.


The college participated in the Rift Valley Athletics competitions held at Kericho T.T.C between 13th and 14th May 2014.Nine (9) of our students managed to qualify for the National competitions held at Kagumo T.T.C.between 21st June where Nakuru region came in number 2. Rugby men took position 3 overall.


A wide variety of clubs and societies are in place. This has enabled many students to tap their leadership potentials as clubs and societies officials. In addition, clubs and societies offer specific activities based around common interests, thus creating platforms for new talents to be nurtured.

Guidance and counseling

Drama Team 2016

Drama Team 2016

Students, staff and non- teaching staff has enjoyed the services offered by the peer educators. Because of effective and efficient activities/programmes within the department which are educative and corrective, indiscipline cases have reduced.


The college participated in the Rift Valley College Drama Festivals at Tambach TTC from 5th to 8th March 2014. We did fairly well and came in 3rd overall. We also won a trophy in comedy.

We are looking forward to doing much better in all co-curricular activities in the years to come.

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