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Brief History

Moi teachers’ College-Baringo is 15KM North-East of Kabarnet town. It is located in Ewalel Location of Baringo Central Sub County in Baringo County, approximately 5 km off the road link between Kabarnet and Kabartonjo town. The college occupies a 33 acre piece of land which was set aside in 1964 by the leaders of Ewalel Location for public utility.

Aerial view of Moi Teachers Training College Baringo

Aerial view of Moi Teachers Training College Baringo

The site was chosen at the request of Ewalel Location leaders, with former area M.P who is also the second President of the Republic of Kenya, Hon. Daniel T. Arap Moi, CGH. The college was originally known as Baringo Teachers’ college and on 6th August, 1993, the name was changed to Moi Teachers ‘college-Baringo at the request of Ewalel Leaders, B.O.M, staff and students to the then President.

The institution is a top performer duly registered with the ministry of education and is strategically poised to serve the ever increasing demand for workforce in the country. Our qualified staff has over the years churned world class graduates ready to meet the current and future market demands.

Our main purpose is to produce teachers who can devote themselves to national development through the dissemination of knowledge in the teaching field in the society. The courses offered here are on full time basis & school based programs.

The physical construction of the college started on 15th August, 1988 as a World Bank funded project, China Jiangsu International Corporation was the contractor, undertaking the work in two phases.

PHASE 1: STARTED ON 15/8/1988.
Teaching staff houses (33)
Non-teaching staff houses (8)
Lecture theatre (1)
Classroom (12)
Woodwork/metal workshop (1)
Home science workshop (2)
Agriculture rooms (2)
Learning resource centre (1)
Students common rooms (2)
Staff room (1)
Equipment and food store (1)
Departmental staff offices (25)
Dispensary block 1
Dinning Hall (1)
Kitchen (1)
Art room (1)
General science labs (1)
Sewage system complete with maturation ponds.

Football and Hockey pitch

Football and Hockey pitch

Football pitch (1)
Hockey pitch (1)
Volleyball pitches (2)
Lawn tennis (2)
Basket ball (2)
Netball (2)

NB. The college has its own water reservoir has served the college quite well in the past years.


In October, 1991, the first group of 260 students were enrolled and registered as first years. The following year an additional 220 students were enrolled bringing the student population to 480. This has been the average student population apart from the academic year 1999/2000 when the population went down due to non-enrolment of students in September 1998.

Currently the college population is 733 students 347 male and 386 female (Regular program) and  a number of students on the school based programs.

Currently there is a population of 42 teaching staff.


The college has a total of 52 Non Teaching Staff composed of 29 male and 23 Female who work in 13 different sections each with a section head.


Non teaching staff:

Male: 29  Female: 23 Total: 52


A centre of excellence in pre-service and in- service teacher training.


To train and produce competent teachers who are positively responsive to their environment and professional challenges in Kenya and the African region.

Quality Policy Statement

Policy is a critical tool for guiding all operations in any cooperate organization.

It improves competitiveness, leading to higher performance and efficiency.

The college is the process of acquiring ISO certification and once complete, the college policy will be well stated.

Our Commitment

To improve on performance in PTE examinations, to improve in participation and performance in co-curricular activities at all levels, develop capacity in ICT, Enhance HIV/AIDS sensitization activities ,Enhance and develop income generating projects, customer satisfaction and to strengthen institutional capacity to enable it deliver its mandate

Our core values

  • Courtesy
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism
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