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Brief History

Overview of Moi Teachers College-Baringo

Moi teachers’ college-Baringo was established in 1991 as a public primary teachers’ college. The college is a public tertiary institution under Ministry of Education (MOE) offering pre-service and in-service Teacher Education for Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) and Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (DECTE) for both regular and school-based modes. The college is managed by a Board of Management (BOM) appointed in line with the basic education act of 2013. The College was well developed from an initial population of 220 teacher trainees in 1991. By 2019 the College had a population of 720

regular students, 645 school-based students and 137 ECDE students. Teaching staff was 49 and 52 support staff under BOM. In May 2021, the new curriculum (CBC) was introduced in our college with an initial intake of 176 regular teacher trainees (73 for DPTE and 103 for DECTE) and 292 P1 upgrading students.

Currently, the college has a workforce of 23 teaching staff and 48 support staff.

Aerial view of Moi Teachers Training College Baringo

Aerial view of Moi Teachers Training College Baringo

College Governance and Management

Governance is the process and structures that direct and manage the affairs of the college to enhance performance and corporate accountability with objective of realizing long-term stakeholders’ values, while taking into account the interest of all stakeholders. It is anchored on the principle of professionalism, integrity and accountability as Stipulated in the constitution of Kenya 2010. The college governance and management comprise of Board of Management constituted as per the Basic Education Act of 2013 and the college administration headed by the Chief Principal.


Board of Management

Board of management consist of twelve (12) non-executive member and one executive member (the Chief Principal), the Area chief and MP Representatives as ex-officio members. Corporate governance places responsibility of the overall institution’s strategy, financial operation and compliance issues and policies on the Board.


To efficiently discharge its mandate, the board has established six (6) committees with specific terms of reference to work through. These committees are: Executive Board, Finance, Procurement and General purpose; Academic standards, Quality and Environment, Audit and Risk Committee, Discipline, Ethics and Integrity, and Human Rights. The Chief Principal, who is the Executive Officer carries out day to day activities of the college.

Football and Hockey pitch

Football and Hockey pitch

Management Structure

The current structure provides for eight (8) academic departments which support the chief principal as follows; deputy principal, 2 deans (Dean of Students and Dean of Curriculum), Academic Departments and support staff with nine sections.

Student Leadership

Student leadership comprise of 23 members democratically elected by bona fide students every academic year in accordance with the Current Basic Education Act, 2013.


A centre of excellence in pre-service and in- service teacher training.


To train and produce competent teachers who are positively responsive to their environment and professional challenges in Kenya and the African region.

Quality Policy Statement

Policy is a critical tool for guiding all operations in any cooperate organization.

It improves competitiveness, leading to higher performance and efficiency.

The college is the process of acquiring ISO certification and once complete, the college policy will be well stated.

Our Commitment

To improve on performance in PTE examinations, to improve in participation and performance in co-curricular activities at all levels, develop capacity in ICT, Enhance HIV/AIDS sensitization activities ,Enhance and develop income generating projects, customer satisfaction and to strengthen institutional capacity to enable it deliver its mandate

Our Core Values

We embody Professionalism, Teamwork, Courtesy, Integrity, Transparency, Accountability 

Moi Teachers College Baringo - Core Values










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