Clubs & Societies

Moi TTC –Baringo has over twenty clubs and societies covering a wide variety of interests available for students to join or attend. They are groups of students with shared interests that provide a wide range of co-curricular activities where they arrange an amazing array of training, mentorship, competitions, events, and meetings throughout the year.

The social life of a student is just as important as their academic pursuits and can improve when students join a college club or society that provides a good opportunity to pursue various interests and talents.
Students gain valuable leadership skills, social skills, and life skills, and build crucial linkages and interactions that contribute positively to their holistic development.

Messages from the club/society representatives, Patrons /leaders.

Message from the Chairman Music Club.

The music club provides an open membership to all willing student teachers interested in nurturing their individual talents through participation in the various array of presentations like folk songs, traditional dances, poems, and set pieces among others.

The club also facilitates the award of participation certificates to individuals who proceed with their presentations to the National Music Festivals.

Message from the Chairman Drama club

The drama club is one of the most exciting clubs in the college. The club has progressed well over the years and on numerous occasions represented the college in the national festival.

The club’s objective is to nurture talents and promote national cohesion. The club’s vision is to participate competitively at both regional and National levels.

Message from the Chairman debate club

The main aim of this club is to enable members improve and develop language use, better understanding of set books, discuss contemporary and emerging issues and create peaceful co-existence of members and the entire college community.

The debaters club members are very supportive and actively participate in all debating sessions.

Message from the Chairman Science Club

The science club since its inception has been helping the members gain more understanding on the science subject through the practical learning. The Various practical and demonstration setups enable the members get an insight into the traditionally perceived to be difficult science topics to be understood and more so captivate the members.

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